V.I.ME. & V.I.ME. PLUS Terms & Conditions

Introductions and definitions: “Membership” refers to the ME SPA V.I.ME. Membership program. “Member” refers to a person who purchases a ME SPA V.I.ME. Membership under their name. Members must be 18 years or older. “Contract” means the contract for the provision of the services including these Terms as appropriate. “Rules” means these terms and conditions and all other rules and regulations made by ME SPA which pertain to the Membership of ME SPA. “Annual” means the period of Membership ending 12 months from the start of membership.

Contract acceptance: Purchasing a Membership is considered acceptance of this contract. Member is subject to these terms and conditions. Membership status is conditional upon the observance of these rules. These terms and conditions, along with any other offer printed or electronic material, questionnaires and disclaimers make up the whole contract. It is important that you read and understand all of these documents. If you do not have these documents, please ask ME SPA for a copy.

Memberships: Memberships are not refundable. Membership is for a 12-month period beginning on the day of purchase. No blackout dates and valid 7 days a week. Memberships may not be transferred or shared, except V.I.ME. PLUS where members may share certain perks with a Guest. The Member must be present for the Guest to receive perks. Member discounts cannot be combined with any other spa discounts, promotions, offers, or packages and are not valid for gift card purchases.

Membership card: Upon purchase of Membership, Member will be presented with a V.I.ME. Membership card which will remain property of the Member for the entire lifetime of the Membership. Membership cards do not need to be present at time of use, however Membership must be active and the Member must have proof of identity. Membership cards are not transferable, refundable, and does not hold cash value. Membership cards are not a debit, credit, or gift card. Membership cards do not guarantee appointments, additional discounts, or access to spa services & events. Card is void if altered or misused.

Membership fees: Membership fees are fixed by ME SPA. ME SPA may vary the Membership terms and conditions at any time. Member is accountable for knowledge of any variations made to Membership program prior to the date of their renewal.

Cancelling: Memberships cannot be cancelled at any time, for any reason, and are nonrefundable.

Liability: Member understands and voluntarily accepts any risk associated with massages, facials, or any other treatment that takes place at ME SPA. ME SPA’s liability for damage or loss to Member’s or Guest’s property is strictly limited to any damage or loss suffered as a result of the willful negligence of ME SPA, the owners, it’s staff, or authorized agents. With this exception ME SPA will not accept liability for the safety of Member’s or Guest’s personal property brought into ME SPA. Property is stored in lockers provide by ME SPA, is stored at Member’s risk, and ME SPA will accept no liability whatsoever. Cars (and all contents) parked in ME SPA’s designated parking areas or elsewhere are left at Member’s risk and ME SPA will accept no liability whatsoever in respect to them. ME SPA is not liable for accident or injury to any Member or Guest that may occur on the premises other than liability which may arise from the willful negligence of the owner, staff or authorized agents. Any Member who suffers an accident or injury at ME SPA must report the accident or injury before leaving the premises to the manager on duty immediately following the accident.

Complaints: If you have a complaint, please contact the manager on duty or email info@me-spas.com.

This agreement may be changed or terminated at any time by ME SPA without warning. ME SPA reserves the right to amend the rules at any time with and without notice to individual Members. Notification of any such changes will be updated on our website www.me-spas.com